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Fellows, 2014

Prof. Ashok Pandey

Professor Ashok Pandey, PhD, FBRS, FNAsc, FIOBB, FISEES, FAMI is Deputy Director CSIR's National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology at Trivandrum and heading the Centre for Biofuels and Biotechnology Division there. Professor Pandey's research interests are on bio-based economy for the development of bioprocesses and products on biorefinery principle. He has 981 publications/communications, which include 14 patents & design copyright, 34 books, 97 book chapters, 374 original and review papers, etc with h index of 60 and >15,700 citation (Goggle scholar). Prof Pandey is Editor-in-chief of Bioresource Technology, Honorary Executive Advisors of Journal of Water Sustainability and Journal of Energy and Environmental Sustainability and editorial board member of several international and Indian journals.


Dr. S. R. Gollahalli

Dr. Gollahalli is currently a professor at the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Oklahoma, USA. Professor Gollahalli's research interests encompass fundamental as well as applied topics in the energy and combustion fields. The projects under his direction include combustion of liquid drops and sprays, flame characteristics of pulverized coal and synthetic fuels, combustion of biofuels, hybrid fuels such as emulsions and slurries, internal combustion engine and gas turbine combustors, turbulent diffusion flames in cross-flow streams, and microgravity combustion.

Honorary Fellows, 2014

Dr. R. K. Malhotra

Dr. Malhotra is full time Director on the Board of Indian Oil Corporation as Director (R&D).He is also the Non-Executive Chairman of Indocat Pvt. Limited, a JV company of Indian Oil and Intercat, USA, as well as the Board Member of Lubrizol India, a JV Company of Indian Oil and Lubrizol USA. He has more than 36 years of research experience in the downstream petroleum sector and is currently leading research at the R&D Centre of Indian Oil Corporation in areas such as refining technologies, lubricant technologies, alternative energy, bio-technology, nanotechnology and gasification.


Fellows, 2015

Prof. L.M. Das

Dr. L. M. Das is currently Professor at the Centre for Energy Studies, IIT Delhi. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the REC Rourkela (1970), M. Tech. from IIT Kharagpur (1972) and Ph.D. from IIT Delhi (1987). His primary areas of research interest are development of alternative-fuelled low emission engines/ vehicles. He has published more than 80 research papers in international journals on alternative fuels such as Hydrogen, CNG, Biodiesel and Hydrogen-CNG blends. He is a member of Advisory Board for International Association of Hydrogen Energy (USA).


Prof. Chang Sik Lee

Professor Chang Sik Lee is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the College of Engineering of Hanyang University, South Korea. He received his B.S. (1967), M.S (1974) and a Ph.D. (1980) in Mechanical Engineering from Hanyang University. His research interests are alternative fuel engines, alternative fuels, exhaust emission reduction, engine fuel sprays and laser measurements, and themodynamic analysis of engine systems. Professor Lee has authored over 250 articles in leading international journals and two books on Engineering Thermodynamics and Automobile Engineering. He was President of KSAE, President of ILASS-Korea, President of ILASS-Asia and President of Automotive Environment Center.

Honorary Fellows, 2015

Prof. O. N. Srivastava

Prof. Onkar Nath Srivastava obtained PhD (Physics) from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) and worked as post doctoral fellow at Cornell University (1966-69). He was a Professor and Head, Department of Physics, and Coordinator CAS and Hydrogen Energy Centre, and is presently Professor Emeritus of Physics and Coordinator of Nano-science and Technology and Hydrogen Energy Centre at BHU. Professor Srivastava has made notable research contributions in renewable energy. He has guided more than 32 Ph.D. students and published more than 400 papers, 15 review articles and the book entitled Crystallography for Solid State Physics (1989).


Dr. Gabriel D. Roy

Dr. Gabriel D. Roy received his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He graduated from University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI), where he received his Ph.D. degree in engineering science. Dr. Roy is former Associate Director at the Office of Naval Research Global (ONRG), Singapore. His responsibilities included global technology awareness, and development of research collaborations with India. He was also responsible for supporting research in his area of specialization – propulsion – which included energy storage, combustion, hypersonic, emission and noise reduction, and alternate fuels. Dr. Roy has authored over 20 books and 100 research publications.


Fellows, 2016

Prof. Avinash Kumar Agarwal

Prof. Agarwal has carried out both fundamental as well as innovative, industrially relevant applied research in the area of IC engines, alternative fuels and emission control. He has developed a low cost biodiesel pilot plant and tested biodiesel fuelled car to motivate Indian automotive industries for biodiesel applications. Prof. Agarwal has developed first prototype of the EFI system for the ALCO-DLW locomotives, For social benefits, Prof. Agarwal has developed a low cost biodiesel pilot plant which is installed in rural areas by KVIC, Mumbai. Prof. Agarwal has published several books and more than150 papers in his credit. He has been elected for Fellow of INAE (2015), ASME (2013) and SAE International (2012). Presently he is working as Poonam and Prabhu Goyal Endowed Chair Professor. He has been awarded for NASI-Reliance Industries Platinum Jubilee Award-2012, Dr. C. V. Raman Young Teachers Award-2011, Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award-2008.


Dr. S. Venkata Mohan

Dr.Mohan made outstanding contributions laid a new found path for waste remediation and environment protection. He established a link between waste remediation and renewable biofuel generation, accounting for a paradigm shift from ‘waste as an environmental pollutant’ to ‘waste as wealth’ encompassing sustained circular bioeconomy, which establishes a new vista in the context of “Waste Biorefinery”. Dr. Mohan has published 250+ journal papers, 8 cover page articles, 29 chapters contributed for books and 9 review articles. He also holds 8 patents in his area. Dr. Mohan has been awarded by Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar (SSB) Prize , National Bioscience Award (2012), ProSPER.NET-Scopus Young Researcher Award in Sustainable Development (2010), NASI-Scopus Young Scientist Award (2010). Dr. Mohan has been elected as Fellow of INAE, FIEI, Andhra Pradesh/ Telengana Academy of Sciences, Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation.


Prof. Ernst Wintner

Prof. Wintner was professor for laser technology at Photonics Institute of TU Vienna and promoted honorary full professor within his university. He founded one of the first research groups in the field of laser ignition worldwide in 1999. The efforts toward the development and implementation of laser ignition in internal combustion engine technology are remarkable and are demonstrated by many citations in the scientific community. He has submitted a number of patents with respect to a laser source for ignition, the laser window and multipoint ignition. Prof. Wintner served as editor of several journals and the European Quantum Electronics Division of the EPS. His efforts have resulted in over 250 technical papers and 4 book chapters. He received Dr. Wolfgang Houska Award (2015), Dr. Wolfgang Houska Award (2008), The largest award of the Austrian Industry AMA Price (2013), BMW Award (2007).


Honorary Fellows, 2016

Dr. Satish Kumar

Dr. Kumar is a distinguished Aerospace scientist of national repute with outstanding contribution to the missiles and strategic systems. He has the unique distinction of leading important strategic establishments over a decade and laying the foundation for futuristic technological growth in critical areas. Dr. Kumar contributed to Development of Liquid propellant rocket engines for Prithvi missile, Productionization of highly complex LP engines at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Development of Propellant transfer systems and Storage facilities at various forward Army locations. He has more than 40 research papers to his credit and two patents obtained in US, China, Russia, Germany and India. Dr. Satish Kumar honored with the Technology Award by Ministry of Defence, Prime Minister’s Special Award for Development of Strategic Weapons and Performance Excellence award by DRDO. He has been elected as Fellow of Aeronautical Society of India, Fellow of Society for Shock Wave Research, India, Life member of Astronautical Society of India and Combustion Institute of Indian Section.


Prof. Ryo Amano

Prof. Amano has been very active in the development of next generation of novel advanced energy systems in both gas turbines based conventional and renewable energy production systems. Dr. Amano has contributed to enhancing energy production from wind, biomass, hydro, and propulsion energy. He has contributed to the development of turbulence theories, combustion, heat transfer, propulsion, aerodynamics and applications to gas turbine and aerospace related projects. He also has been engaged in aerospace research in NASA, US Air Force, industrial gas turbines, steam turbines, and cooling technology. Prof. Amano has been elected for Fellow of ASME (2001), Associate Fellow of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (2002). His efforts have resulted in over 600 technical papers, 4 books and 24 book chapters.

Fellows, 2017
Prof. Probir Kumar Bose

Prof. Probir Kumar Bose is Director of NSHM Knowledge Campus, Durgapur, West Bengal, India. He has exceptional scientific and professional contributions in the areas of thermal engineering, internal combustion engines, alternate fuels, and automotive engineering. Prof. Bose is an elected Fellow of Institute of Engineers, India and member of Combustion Institute, Indian Institute of Welding, Indian Society of Technical Education, Indian Society of Engineers, and Indian Institute of Metals. Prof. Bose has published more than 100 peer reviewed journal papers and has several patents to his credit.


Dr. Ramesh Agarwal

Dr. Ramesh Agarwal is Professor in School of Engineering & Applied Science, Washington University, St. Louis, USA. He has received numerous prestigious awards including SAE International Medal of Honor (2015), AIAA Reed Aeronautics Award (2015), SAE Aerospace Engineering Leadership Award (2013), SAE Clarence Kelly Johnson Award (2009), AIAA Aerodynamics Award (2008), Royal Aeronautical Society Gold Award (2007), and ASME Fluids Engineering Award (2001) to name a few. He has published more than 500 peer reviewed journal/ conference papers and edited several books/ book chapters.


Dr. Bhola R. Gurjar

Dr. Bhola R. Gurjar is Professor in Department of  Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India . He has exceptional scientific and professional contributions in the areas of Environment, Air and Water Pollution, Urban Transport, and Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment. Prof. Gurjar has received several prestigious awards including IE(I) Nawab Zain Yar Jung Bahadur Memorial Medal-1995, START Young Scientist Award-2004, IE(I) National Design Award in Environmental Engineering-2011, and IE(I) Eminent Environmental Engineer Award-2015.

Dr. Swarnendu Sen

Dr. Swarnendu Sen is professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. He has exceptional scientific and professional contributions in the areas of heat transfer, combustion, and multiphase flows. Prof. Sen is an elected Fellow of the West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology. He has received several prestigious fellowships including DAAD Research Fellowship-2011 and 2013, Visiting Research Fellowships to University of Illinois, Chicago-2002, Virginia Polytechnic and State University, Virginia-2006. He has authored more than 90 peer reviewed journal publications.


Dr. Thallada Bhaskar

Dr. Thallada Bhaskar is Principal Scientist in CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun, India. He has received several prestigious awards including NESA Scientist of the Year Award-2016, CSIR-Raman Research Fellow- 2013, AIST-Distinguished Researcher Award-2013, and JSPS-Visiting Scientist Award-2009. Dr. Bhaskar has published more than 100 peer reviewed journal papers and edited several books.


Dr. Anirudh Gautam

Dr. Anirudh Gautam is General Manager in Rolling Stock Design Division, RITES, Ministry of Railways, India. Dr. Gautam has worked extensively on combustion, performance and emissions of locomotive engines, development of emission control systems and engine structural optimization. He has received prestigious awards such as Outstanding National Service Award by Ministry of Railways, Chief Mechanical Engineer Award, General Manager Award, Director General Award, and Railway Ministers Award.


Honorary Fellows, 2017

Dr. V. K. Saraswat

Dr. V. K. Saraswat is Member of NITI Ayog, Government of India. He has led research on indigenous development of Liquid Propulsion Rocket Engines and missiles namely Prithvi, Dhanush, and Prahaar. He is the principal architect of the Ballistic Missile Defense program, which included major technology breakthroughs. Dr. Saraswat is an elected Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering, Institution of Engineers, India, Aeronautical Society of India, Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers, Systems Society of India, and Society for Shock Wave Research, India. Dr. Saraswat has been bestowed with several prestigious awards such as Padmabhushan, Padmashri and Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Award.

Fellows, 2018
Prof. V. Ganesan

Prof. V Ganeshan is a Professor Emeritus in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras. He is a Fellow of SAE, INAE, National Environmental Science Academy and IE(I). He is a life member of the Combustion Institute, ISTE and Aeronautical Society of India. He has authored 440 papers in peer reviewed journals and conferences and three books on IC Engines, Engine Simulation and Gas Turbines. He has supervised 40 doctoral students. Prof. Ganesan has received numerous prestigious award including Tamilnadu Scientist Award-2003, Automobile Engineer of the Year-2003, Khosla National Award-2004, Environmental Engineering Design Award-2006, SAE Cliff Garrett Turbomachinery Engineering Award-2007, and SAE Excellence in Engineering Education (Triple “E”) Award.

Prof. Franz Winter

Prof. Franz Winter is a Professor in Institute of Chemical, Environmental & Biological Engineering, Technical University of Vienna, Austria. He is a member of the Combustion Institute, Association of German Engineers VDI, DECHEMA, and life member of International Society for Energy, Environment and Sustainability. His research interests are in the areas of Chemical Kinetics, Waste Combustion, Thermo-chemical Energy Storage, and Energy and Environmental Technologies. He has authored 95 peer-reviewed journal publications,190 peer-reviewed international conference papers, and 35 book chapters, and has delivered 90 invited lectures world-over. He has also been granted 8 patents.Prof. Winter has received several prestigious award including Arnold Eucken Award-2008 from the Association of German Engineers, Georgius Agricola Award-2014 from TU Ostrava, and Medal of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of CTU Prague-2014.

Dr. Nitin Labhsetwar

Dr. Nitin Labhasetwar is a Senior Principal Scientist & Head of Energy and Resource Management Division, CSIR-NEERI Nagpur. He has research interest in the areas of Energy and Environmental Materials, Air Pollution Control, Cleaner Energy Generation, Indoor Emission Control, Carbon Capture and Sequestration, and Waste Water Treatment. He has authored 153 peer reviewed journal and conference papers, and 9 book chapters. He has filed/ granted 23 international and 18 national patents. Dr. Labhasetwar has received several prestigious award including Hindustan Platinum Award-2003 and 2005 by Catalysis Society of India, NEERI Golden Jubilee Outstanding Performance Award-2007, Dr. Arvind Kumar Memorial Award-2009 by Indian Council of Chemists, and CSIR-NEERI Outstanding Senior Scientist Award-2013.

Prof. Achintya Mukhopadhyay

Prof. Achintya Mukhopadhyay is a Professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. He has research interest in the areas of Combustion, Multi-phase Flows, Micro-scale Flows, and Dynamics of Thermal Systems. He is a Fellow of the West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology. He has received several prestigious fellowships including Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship for Experienced Researchers-2010 and Deutsche Forschingsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Science Foundation) Metström Visiting Fellowship-2012. He has authored more than 95 peer reviewed journal publications, 176 international conference papers, 13 book chapters, and 3 edited books and has 1 patent.


Honorary Fellows, 2018

Prof. Gautam Kalghatgi

Prof. Gautam Kalghatgi is a Principal Professional at Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia. He is a visiting Professor at Department of Mechanical Engineering of Imperial College London and Department of Engineering Science of Oxford University. He has authored 140 international peer-reviewed journal and conference publications and a recent book on Fuel-Engine Interactions. He holds 11 patents. His extensive body of work on fuel effects in spark ignition and compression ignition engines could potentially bring fundamental changes to future fuels and engines worldwide. He is a Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering, UK, Society of Automotive Engineers, USA, and Institution of Mechanical Engineers, UK. He is a member of the Combustion Institute.

Dr. Ajay Mathur

Dr. Ajay Mathur is a Director General of The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI). He was Director General at the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (2006-16) where he initiated programs such as ‘Star Labelling Programme for Electrical Appliances’, ‘Energy Conservation Building Code’, and ‘Perform, Achieve and Trade programme’ for energy-intensive industries. Dr. Mathur is a member of the Prime Minister's Council on Climate Change since 2007. He has received several prestigious awards including Knight of the National Order of Merit-2015 from Republic of France, Energy Efficiency Global Visionary Award-2010 from the Alliance to Save Energy, Washington DC, Outstanding Alumni Award-2002 from University of Illinois

Fellows, 2019
Dr. Amitava Datta

Prof. Amitava Datta is Professor in Department of Power Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata. He worked as engineer in the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC). He received Shiksha Ratna Award from Government of West Bengal for outstanding teaching, Fellowship from Humboldt Foundation, and he is also a Fellow of West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology. Prof. Datta is a life member of the Combustion Institute, IE(I), IIE, ISHMT and ISEES. He has supervised 14 doctoral students. He has authored 92 international peer-reviewed journal and conference papers and has 1300+ Scopus citations. He has authored a text book on "Combustion". He was involved in 16 sponsored research projects.

Dr. Binod Parmeswaran

Dr. Binod Parameswaran is a Scientist at Microbial Process and Technology Division, CSIR-NIIST Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. He has authored more than 95 peer reviewed international journal and conference papers, 37 book chapters and has 2100+ Scopus citations. He is a member and CEO of Biotech Research Society of India (BRSI). He received Young Scientist Award from International forum on Industrial Bioprocesses (IFIBiop) in 2011 and Kerala State Young Scientist Award in 2014 from Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment. He is also the recipient of Elsevier Renewable Energy Best Paper Award and Elsevier Impactful Research Award in 2018.

Dr. Edgard Gnansounou

Prof. Edgard Gnansounou is the Director of Bioenergy and Energy Planning Research Group. He has led research projects in several countries such as China, Brazil, and South Africa. He has published 84 peer reviewed international journal and conference papers and has 2400+ Scopus citations. He has developed novel methods for allocation of common GHG emissions among joint products of a bio-refinery, subject to policy requirements. He was a visiting researcher at the Thayer College, Dartmouth School of Engineering (USA), Polytech of Clermont-Ferrand, University Blaise Pascal (France) and Center of Biofuels, NIIST Thiruvananthapuram (India). He was also a visiting Professor to the African University of Science of Technology (Abuja, Nigeria).

Prof. Vijayanand S. Moholkar

Prof. Vijayanand S. Moholkar is a Professor in Department of Chemical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. He is a Fellow of Institution of Chemical Engineers, London and Royal Society of Chemistry, London. He is a chartered member of Institution of Chemical Engineers, UK, and is registered as Chartered Engineer (CEng) with the Engineering Council, UK. He has supervised 15 Ph.D. and 30 M.Tech. students. He has authored 130 papers in peer reviewed international journals and conferences, 15 book chapter, 3 US patents and has 3600+ Scopus citations. He is recipient of 7th National Award for Technology Innovation from Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India (March 2017) in 'Innovation in Polymeric Materials' category in recognition for his seminal work on synthesis of bio-polymers from invasive weeds.

Dr. P.A. Lakshminarayanan

Dr. P.A. Lakshminarayanan is currently an Advisor to Simpson Engines, Chennai. He developed models for heat release and emissions for diesel engines based on study of fuel-air mixing at the wall in turbulent sprays having multiple injections. He also studied wear of liners having a general surface texture, and tribology of valves, cams, pistons and rings. He is credited to have designed 28 efficient and emission compliant diesel and CNG engines for off- and on-road applications, in addition to eight diesel and CNG engine platforms and 150 types of engines, which are commercially successful for their efficiency and cost effectiveness. He is a fellow of SAE international, and INAE. He received Arch T. Colwell award (1984) from SAE international and AVL awards for conference papers (2005, 2008, and 2010). He has authored 45 peer reviewed international journal and conference papers has 9 patents to his credit.

Dr. S.L. Soni

Prof. S.L. Soni is Director at NIT Uttarakhand. He served Malviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) Jaipur in various capacities including Professor and Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dean (Research and Consultancy), Faculty Coordinator (Training and Placement), Chairperson (Golden Jubilee Year Celebrations), Chief Vigilance Officer, and Registrar. Prof. Soni has 32 publications in peer reviewed international journals and conferences, 370+ Scopus citation, 3 patents and 4 books to his credit. He is a Fellow of Institute of Engineers, Member of SAE, Associate member of ASHRAE, Member of BIS sectional committee of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, life member of ISEES, ISTE, Indian Association for Air Pollution Control, and Combustion Institute(I).

Dr. Shantanu Bhattacharya

Prof Shantanu Bhattacharya is currently a chair professor at the department of mechanical engineering and HOD of Design Programme at IIT Kanpur. He also spent a year at Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow. Prof Bhattacharya has developed technology for printing super capacitors on paper substrates. His research has strong thrusts spanning from nucleic acid analysis, surface-electrophoresis, micro-mixers for micro-fluidics, cell-trap devices, and photo-catalytic solutions for water remediation. He holds 5 US and 6 Indian patents and has authored 67 peer reviewed international journal and conference papers, having 1000+ Scopus citations.Dr. Bhattacharya is recipient of Young Engineers Award from the IE(I), ISSS Young Scientist Award-2013, NDRF Best Mechanical Engineering Design Award-2014, and Boeing Outstanding Leadership Award-2011.


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