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ISEES Fellow Grade Membership - 2024


1. Purpose of the Award       
To recognize contribution made by eminent person
in the fields of Energy, Environment, Sustainability and Combustion, within the purview of the society.

2. Eligibility       

Any individual who is not a fellow, during the year of the Award. The nominated individual should be a member of the society with at least one year of good standing. The individuals known for their excellent accomplishments in the fields of Energy, Environment, Sustainability, and Combustion, who are not members of the society, can also be considered to be elected as Honorary fellows. However, they are identified by the ISEES, and there is no application for Honorary fellows.

3. Criteria 

An eminent individual, who has made outstanding contributions in the fields of Energy, Environment, Sustainability, and Combustion, which have brought prestige to the profession and the field. The contributions may be in any discipline of engineering/ science involving projects which have been successfully executed and have been regarded as landmarks of technological development.   

4. Number of Fellows  

Maximum six fellows in a year, normally. The society reserves the right not to recommend any fellow in any year. 

5. Nominations   

Nominations will be invited from existing ISEES fellows/ executive committee members by the second week of August each year. The nominations may be sent in a prescribed format with a brief statement of outstanding and distinguished contributions of the nominee. Self-nomination of an individual shall not be considered. Nominations shall remain valid for two years, and re-nominations shall be accepted

6. Last date of Nomination   
The date of receipt of nominations is 30th September 2023.          

7. Selection for the Fellows  

The selection committee for choosing the fellows comprises the existing fellows of the society. The Executive Committee of ISEES considers the recommendations of the “Committee of Fellows” and selects the best candidates for the conferment of the Fellow grade member designation. The nominations and supporting documents are made available to EC, and a majority vote makes a decision.

8. Plaque  

The Fellow grade membership recognition consists of a citation and a plaque.


9. Presentation of the Award         
The awardees will be requested to deliver a public lecture on an appropriate subject of their choice in any field at a Society event.

The decision of the ISEES EC shall be final and binding in this regard. 


10. Forwarding of Nominations


Nominations may be sent to:

Mr. Sujeet Sharma
FB302, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur-208016, Uttar Pradesh, India
Mobile: +91 8765599882, Tel: +91-512-2597405, Fax: +91-512-2597408


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