International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Challenges

February 26-28, 2017

Center of Innovative and Applied Bioprocessing, Sector 81, Mohali, Punjab

 Scientific Program

26th February 2017 (Sunday)

8.00-17.00 h


8.00- 8.45 h


09.00-9.40 h

Inaugural Ceremony of SEEC-2017

9.40-11.10 h

Special Technical Session

11.10-11.40 h

Tea/ Coffee

11.40-13.00 h

Mini-Symposia I

(New Fuels and Advanced Engine Combustion)

Chair: P A Laxminarayana

Mini-Symposia II

(Sustainable Energy)

Chair: Nitin Labhsetwar

11.40-12.00 h

Invited: Alternative Fuels for Compression Ignition   engines- Where are we going?

R. P. Sharma, Jaipur

Invited: Is distributed Poly-generation Utilizing Local Resources a Sustainable Energy Solution for India?

Sudipta De, Jadavpur University, Kolkata

12.00-12.20 h

Invited: Technology Roadmap for DME Fuelled Vehicles in Indian Mega-Cities

Avinash K. Agarwal, IIT, Kanpur

Invited: Efficient Absorption of Solar Energy Using Nanoparticle-Laden Fluids

Himanshu Tyagi, IIT Ropar

12.20-12.40 h

Invited: Emerging New Alternate Fuels for IC Engines: A Review

S. L. Soni, MNIT, Jaipur

Invited: Carbon Based Materials for Energy Storage Applications

Shantanu Bhattacharya, IIT, Kanpur

12.40-13.00 h

Invited: Advanced Engine Combustion Technologies

Akhilendra P. Singh, IIT, Kanpur

Invited: Simple Modeling Tools for Air Pollution Emission Inventory and Health Risk Assessment

Bhola R. Gurjar, IIT, Roorkee

13.00- 14.00 h


14.00-15.30 h

Mini-Symposia III

(Experimental and Numerical Combustion)

Chair: R P Sharma

Mini-Symposia IV

(Environmental Remediation and Rail Road Transport

Chair:  Avinash K Agarwal

14.00-14.20 h

Invited: Unsteady Motions in Vortex Shedding Combustors: A Dynamical Systems’ Perspective

Sathesh Mariappan, IIT, Kanpur

Invited: Diesel Locomotive Noise: Sources, Reduction Strategies, Measurement Methods and Standards

Nachiketa Tiwari, IIT, Kanpur

14.20-14.40 h

Invited: Modeling of Turbulent Spray Combustion Using Conditional Moment Closure Method

Santanu De, IIT, Kanpur

Invited: Design & Development of Common Rail electronic direct fuel injection for diesel locomotives of Indian Railways

Anirudh Gautam, RDSO, Lucknow

14.40-15.00 h

Invited: MPFI and SPFI CNG engine  design and development

P. A. Laxminarayana, Simpsons, Chennai

Invited: Lab Development and Field Evaluation of a High Volume Fine Particle Inertial Impaction Based Aerosol Sampler

Tarun Gupta, IIT, Kanpur

15.00-15.20 h

Invited: Characterization of Single Phase Natural Circulation Loops using Dynamical Systems Approach

A. Mukhopadhyay, Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Invited: Mixed Oxides as Efficient Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Combustion Technologies

Nitin Labhsetwar, NEERI, Nagpur

15.20- 16.00 h

Tea/ Coffee

16.00-18.00 h

Session A-1: Advances in IC Engines and Fuels

Chair: Mohsen Assadi

Session B-1: Conversion of Biomass to Biofuels- I

Chair: Rupam Kataki

16.00-16.30 h

Keynote: Mahua Biodiesel in a Single Cylinder  Diesel Engine  for Sustainable Irrigation Operation in India: An Experimental Study

V Ganesan, IIT Madras, Chennai

Keynote: Challenges in the development of enzymes for biomass hydrolysis

Rajeev Kumar Sukumaran, CSIR-NIIST, Trivandrum

16.30-16.50 h

Invited: Combustion Characteristics of Biomass-based Fuels for Engine Applications

Amitava Dutta, Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Invited: Thermophilic Fungus Malbranchea cinnamomea as Source of Catalytically Active Glycosyl Hydrolases for Bioconversion of Lignocellulosics

Bhupinder S. Chadha, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar

16.50-17.10 h

Invited: Laser Ignition of Engine

Dhananjay. K. Srivastava, IIT, Kharagpur

Invited: Cellulase production for Second Generation Bioethanol Production

Reeta R. Singhania, DBT Bioenergy Centre, IOCL, Faridabad

17.10-17.20 h

Contributed: Low Temperature Combustion with Two-Shot Injection Strategies for Simultaneous Reduction of NOx and PM in Compression Ignition Engines

Nikhil Khedkar, Vehzan Rustomji, Brijesh P. & Sreedhara S, IIT Bombay, Mumbai

Contributed: Effects of Combustion on Noise and Vibrations in Bio-fuelled Engine

Chetankumar Patel, Nachiketa Tiwari & Avinash K. Agarwal, IIT, Kanpur

17.20-17.30 h

Contributed: Direct Numerical Simulation of Ignition Kernel Growth in a Turbulent Premixed Environment

Kedar G. Bhide, S. Sreedhara, IIT Bombay, Mumbai


Contributed: A Novel Surfactant Assisted Transition Metal Pretreatment of Chilli Post-Harvest Residue for the Production of Bioethanol

Sindhu Raveendran, Jerina Kamal, Binod P, Anil K Mathew, Amith Abraham, Edgard Gnansounou & Ashok Pandey

CSIR-NIIST; EPFL, Switzerland; CIAB, Mohali

17.30-17.40 h

Contributed: Mode Switching Strategy Development for Diesohol Fuelled Engine

Akhilendra P. Singh & Avinash K. Agarwal, IIT, Kanpur

Contributed: Conventional and Molecular Approaches for Improvement of Jatrophas Curcas: A Promising Biofuel Crop

Pradeep Agarwal, A. Prakash, Parinita Agarwal, Arup Ghosh & Aneesha Singh, CSIR-CSMCRI, Bhavnagar

17.40-17.50 h

Contributed: Investigation of Cyclic Variability in A Non-Road Diesel Engine Fueled with Diesel/ Butanol Blends

Mohit Raj Saxena & Rakesh K. Maurya, IIT, Ropar

Contributed: In-silico Characterization of Novel Beta-glucosidase Isoforms from Aspergillus Ungus for Identifying Potential Enzymes for Biomass Hydrolysis

Amith Abraham, Prajeesh Kv, Athira Raj Sr, Raveendran Sindhu, Anil K Mathew & Rajeev K Sukumaran, CSIR-NIIST, Trivandrum

18.00-19.30 h

General Body Meeting of ISEES (Open only for ISEES members)

19.30-21.00 h

Conference Dinner


27th February 2017 (Monday)

8.00-8.45 h


09.00-10.30 h

Session A-2: Combustion Processes

Chair: Rakesh Kumar Maurya

Session B-2: Conversion of Biomass to Biofuels- II

Chair: Arun Goyal

09.00-09.30 h

Keynote: Sustainable Alternate Transportation Fuel Development for Kerala

Gabrial Roy, CPnE Consultants, USA

Keynote: Fuel from waste: A scientific solution for waste management and environment conservation

Arvind Kumar Bhat, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla

09.30-09.50 h

Invited: Macroscopic Spray Characteristics of Ethanol Blended Kerosene and Diesel using a Hybrid Atomizer

Swarnendu Sen, Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Invited: Nano-composites as Modern Heterogeneous Catalyst for Biodiesel Production

Baskar Gurunathan, St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, Chennai

09.50-10.00 h

Contributed: Combustion Characteristics of Graphene Isrosene Nano-fluid

Amit Yadav, Arindrajit Chowdhury, Atul Srivatava & Nandakumar K, ISRO; IIT Bombay, Mumbai

Invited: Scale-up of Hydrogen Production in 150 Liter Pilot Scale through Dark Fermentation Route by a Purified Anaerobe,

Sanjukta Subudhi, N Ram Kumar, Pulikkal D Anupama, Tanmay Nayak & Banwari Lal, Energy & Resource Institute, New Delhi

10.00-10.10 h

Contributed: Effect of Engine Speed on In-Cylinder Air Flow Characteristics

Akhilendra P. Singh & Avinash K. Agarwal

IIT, Kanpur

10.10-10.20 h

Contributed: Interacting Swirl Flow Dynamics

Rahul BV, PM Tilak & S Chaudhuri, IISc, Bangalore

Invited: Valorization of Pineapple Post-harvest and Fruit Processing Wastes by Extraction of High-value Bromelain and Use of Residues for Ethanol Production,

Anil Mathew, Meera Christopher, Emrin George, Amith Abraham, Raveendran Sindhu, Ashok Pandey & Rajeev Sukumaran, CSIR- NIIST, Trivandrum; CIAB, Mohali

10.20-10.30 h

Contributed: Investigation of Combustion inside a Ramjet/ Scramjet Engine

Mirza S. Faisal Baig, Sameer Hasan, Mahboob Ahmed and Mohd Danish Ansari, AMU, Aligarh

10.30-11.00 h

Tea/ Coffee

11.00-12.30 h

Session A-3: Renewable Energy: Prospects and Technologies

Chair: Ramesh Agarwal

Session B-3: Waste to Wealth- Chemicals and Fuels – I

Chair: Zainul Akmar Zakria

Session C-1: Energy Conversion Systems

Chair: Dilip Bora

11.00-11.10 h

Keynote: An Experimental Investigation of Performance-Emission Trade off of a CI engine Fueled by different blends of Diesel-Ethanol and Diesel-Biodiesel-Ethanol

PK Bose, NSHM Knowledge Campus, Durgapur

Keynote: Biomass Hybrid Conversion Pathway for Sustainable Biorefinery

Thallada Bhaskar, CSIR-IIP, Dehradun

Contributed: Feasibility of using Phase Change Material for Thermal Storage at High Temperature for Concentrated Solar Cookers: A Numerical Approach

Kumar Venkateshwar, Vanditi Mathur & Prodyut R. Chakraborty

IIT Jodhpur

11.10-11.20 h

Contributed: CO2 Based Combined Power and Refrigeration Cycle – A Scheme for Low Grade Waste Heat Recovery

Subha Mondal & Sudipta De, Jadavpur Univ., Kolkata

11.20-11.30 h

Contributed: Enhanced Electrocatalytic Performance of CaCu3Ti4O12 Supported Fe2O3 Nano-cubes for Alkaline Fuel Cells

Ankita Mathur, Himmat Singh Kushwaha, Rahul Vaish & Aditi Halder, IIT, Mandi

11.30-11.40 h

Invited: Storing Heat from the Sun: A Critical Perspective

Jishnu Bhattacharya, IIT, Kanpur

Invited: Utilization of Biodiesel Industry Generated Crude Glycerol for the Production of 1,3-propanediol through Microbial Route,

P Binod, CSIR-NIIST, Trivandrum

Contributed: Self-lubrication of Epoxy Composite Coatings on D2 Steel

Vikram Kumar, Sujeet K. Sinha & Avinash K. Agarwal, IIT, Kanpur

11.40-11.50 h

Contributed: Heterogeneous Reactivity onto Surface of Fine-fraction Mineral Dust

Pradhi Rajeev, Prashant Rajput, Vikram Chaudhary, Fena Sorathia & Tarun Gupta, IIT, Kanpur

11.50-12.00 h

Contributed: Numerical Study of Single Stage Flash Evaporation Desalination Technique Coupled with Nano-Fluid based Direct Absorption Solar Collector

Kapil Garg, Vikrant Khullar, Himanshu Tyagi & Sarit Kumar Das, IIT, Ropar

Invited: Waste to Wealth- Utilization of Apple Industry Waste for the Production of Value-added Products

Ram Sarup Singh, Punjabi University, Patiala

Contributed: A Noble Approach for the Clean Energy Generation: Solar Updraft Tower

Pradeep Kumar and Ankit Agarwal

IIT Mandi

12.00-12.10 h

Contributed: Thermal and Thermo-hydraulic Performance of Double Flow Flat Plate and Corrugated Absorber Solar Air Heaters

Som Nath Saha & Suresh P. Sharma, NIT, Jamshedpur

Contributed: Sustainable Energy Assessment Criteria of Intermediate Pyrolysis of Wheat Straw as a Renewable Energy Alternative

Amit Patel, Himanshu Tyagi, Prabir Sarkar & Harpreet Singh

IIT, Ropar

12.10-12.20 h

Contributed: Investigation of Convective Heat Transfer of Ferro-fluids for Cooling of Photovoltaic Systems

Danvendra Singh, Balkrishna Mehta and Mohammad Asfer, IIT, Guwahati

Contributed: Optimization of Process Parameters: Biodiesel Production from Carbon Dioxide Sequestering Bacterium,

Manish Kumar, Khushboo Khosla & Indu Shekhar Thakur, JNU, New Delhi

Contributed: Extraction, Preparation and Characterization of Nanocellulose from Wheat Straw an Agricultural Waste Material

Mandeep Kaur, Parveen Sharma & Santosh Kumari

Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, Punjab

12.20-12.30 h

Contributed: Heat Transfer enhancement Using Wavy Fin Absorber in Solar Air Heater

Prabha Chand and Abhishek Priyam, NIT, Jamshedpur

Contributed: Effect of Trace Metals on the Specific Acid Production using Waste Water as Substrate

Shikha Dahiya & S Venkata Mohan, CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad

Contributed: Applying Genomics for Sustainable Tree-based Biofuel Production

Madhumita Dash, Victor Busov, CSIR-CCMB, Hyderabad, Michigan Technological University, USA

12.30-14.30 h

Lunch and

Poster Session-1

14.30-16.00 h

Session A-4: Numerical Simulation of Combustion Processes

Chair: Saptarashi Basu

Session B-4: Waste to Wealth- Chemicals and Fuels – II

Chair: Neelam Sangwan

Session C-2: Alternate Fuels for IC Engines

Chair: U C Banerjee

14.30-14.40 h

Keynote: Multiphase CFD Modeling and Simulations of Fluidized Beds for Chemical Looping Combustion

Ramesh Agarwal, Washington University, USA

Keynote: Performance and Evaluation of a Grid Connected Hybrid Photo Voltaic-Wind Power System

Hao Huu Ngo, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Contributed: Experimental Evaluation of Manifold Injection of HHO on Performance Characteristics of Constant Speed 4-Stroke SI Engine

Shashwat Tripathi, Anshul Kumar & Mritunjay Shukla, IIP, Dehradun

14.40-14.50 h

Contributed: Reduction of Emission of a 110 cc 4-stroke IC Engine using Petrol-HHO Hybrid Fuel

Sanjib Das, Diptanu Dey, Priyanath Das & Rahul Banerjee, NIT, Agartala

14.50-15.00 h

Contributed: Influence of Bio-Lubricant on the Combustion Characteristics in Biodiesel Operated CI Engine

Arup Ratan Dey & Rahul Dev Misra, NIT, Silchar

15.00-15.10 h

Invited: Powering the Future Flight-Perspectives from Environmental challenges

Uma Maheshwar, GE Aviation,

Invited: Flexirubin-type Pigment Production from Chryseobacterium Artocarpi CECT 8497 and its Application as Natural Ink

Wan Azlina Ahmed,

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Contributed: Combustion and Noise Characteristics of Ethanol/ Diesel Blends in a Diesel Genset Engine

Dev P. Satsangi, Nachiketa Tiwari & Avinash K. Agarwal, IIT, Kanpur

15.10-15.20 h

Contributed: Biogas Purification Using Water Scrubbing at Digester Pressure

Sunil Saini & Milind Rane, IIT Bombay, Mumbai

15.20-15.30 h

Contributed: Large Eddy Simulation Of Mixing And Combustion In A Hydrogen-Fuelled Scramjet Combustor With Parallel Strut Injectors

Mukesh Adlak and Santanu De, IIT, Kanpur

Invited: Biotechnological Approaches for the Utilization of Agro-industrial Byproducts for Lactic acid Production

Parmjit S Panesar

Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Longowal

Contributed: Optimization of Valve Event Timing of a Camless Engine

Abhimanyu Das & Dhananjay K. Srivastava, IIT, Kharagpur

15.30-15.40 h

Contributed: Development and Validation of a CFD Model for Simulating Dryout Phenomena in Corium Debris Beds

Aranyak Chakravarty, Priyankan Datta, Koushik Ghosh, Swarnendu Sen & A. Mukhopadhyay, Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Contributed: Exergy Analysis of a Biomass based Polygeneration

Kuntal Jana, Avishek Ray, Sudipta De & Mohsen Assadi, Jadavpur University, Kolkata

15.40-15.50 h

Contributed: A Skeletal Mechanism for the Oxidation of Components Important Biodiesel Surrogates

Aditya Lele, Anand Krishnasamy & Kritika Narayanaswamy, IIT Madras

Contributed: Utilization of Carrot Pomace for the Production of Inulinase from Penicillium Oxalicum BGPU4 Ram Sarup Singh, Kanika Chauhan & Jagroop Singh

Punjabi University, Patiala

Contributed: CO2 Enhanced Oxy-coal Gasification Integrated with Steam Turbine Power Plant

Geeta Kumari & Prabu Vairakannu, IIT, Guwahati

15.50-16.00 h

Contributed: Numerical Investigation of Jet Breakup Phenomenon using VOF Approach Priyankan Datta, A. Chakravarty, Tuhin Maitra, Koushik Ghosh, A. Mukhopadhyay & Swarnendu Sen, Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Contributed: Implementation of Renewable Energy Generation (off-grid) Programs in State of Punjab (India)- An Assessment,

Navreet Kaur & Ravneet Kaur

Panjab University Chandigarh

Contributed: Investigations on Co-Pyrolysis Characteristics of Coal-Biomass Blends using TGA

Munna Verma, Chanchal Loha & Amar Nath Sinha, NIT, Patna

16.00-16.30 h

Tea/ Coffee

16.30-18.00 h

Session A-5: Sprays and Heterogeneous Combustion of Coal/ Biomass

Chair: Atul Dhar

Session B-5: Biomass Conversion to Fuels & Chemicals – Thermochemical Processes

Chair: Hao Huu Ngo

16.30-17.00 h

Keynote: Intermittent Renewable Energy and Security of Supply from a Technical and Economical Point of View

Mohsen Assadi, University of Stavanger, Norway

Keynote: Mechanistic Study on Ultrasound-assisted Biodiesel Production from Non-edible Mixed Oil Feedstock using Heterogeneous Catalyst

Vijayanand S Moholkar, IIT Guwahati

17.00-17.20 h

Invited: How a Spray Interacts With Swirling Flow?

Saptarishi Basu, IISc, Bangalore

Invited: Antioxidant Potential of Pyroligneous Acid Fraction Obtained from Pyrolysis of Palm Kernel Shell

Zainul Akmar Zakria, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

17.20-17.40 h

Invited: Instability Control by Actuating the Swirler in a Lean Premixed Combustor

Swetaprovo Chaudhuri, IISc, Bangalore

Invited: Inter-conversion of Aldopentoses and Tetroses with Zeolite

Sarvanamurugan Shunmugavel, CIAB, Mohali

17.40-17.50 h

Contributed: Spray Characteristics of GDI Injector at Varying Fuel Injection Pressures

Nikhil Sharma & Avinash K. Agarwal, IIT, Kanpur

Invited: Bioremediation of Cassava Sago Waste by Yarrowia lipolytica for the Production of Bio-oil

R Praveenkumar, Arunai Engineering College, Thiruvannamalai

17.50-18.00 h

Contributed: High Speed Visualization of Vortex –Droplet Interactions in Swirling Gas Flow Field

Kuppuraj Rajamanickam and Saptarshi Basu, IISc, Bengalore          


Plenary Talk by Prof. Sarit Kumar Das, Director, IIT Ropar on “Sustainable Energy Systems”

19.00-20.30 h




28th February 2017 (Tuesday)

8.00-8.45 h


09.00-10.00 h

Award Ceremony of ISEES

  Induction of Fellows

  Young Scientist Award-2017

  Best Ph.D. Thesis Award-2017

  Best M.Tech. Thesis Award-2017

10.00-10.45 h

Plenary Talk on “Roadmap for DME/ Methanol Economy for India”

10.45-11.45 h

Tea/ Coffee Break


Poster Session-2

11.45-13.00 h

Session A-6: Utilization of Biofuels

Chair: V Ganesan

Session B-6: Environmental Protection and Health

Chair: Vivek Agarwal

11.45-12.10 h

Keynote: Development of Blood-Plasma-Separation and Constant-Wall-Temperature Micro-Devices

Amit Agarwal, IIT Bombay, Mumbai

Keynote: Solid Waste Management and Climate Change in India: Existing Scenario and Strategy for Improvement

Sunil Kumar, CSIR-NEERI, Nagpur

12.10-12.30 h

Invited: Review of Particle based Methods for Combustion Simulations

D. V. Patil, IIT Mandi

Invited: Magic of π-π Interaction for Carbon Capture,

Deepak Pant, Himachal Pradesh Central University, Dharamshala

12.30-12.40 h

Contributed: Performance and Emission Study of CI Engine Fuelled with Diesel and Microalgae Biodiesel with EGR

Sushant Satputaley, Shubham Burde, Shubham Tatpalliwar, Dhananjay Zodpe & Nishikant Deshpande

VNIT, Nagpur

Contributed: Rice Husk and Straw Valoraization via Chemical Processing for Bioenergy Application and Environmental Protection: A Critical Review,

Shubham Kochhar and Anil Kumar Sarma, SSSNIBE, Kapurthala

12.40-12.50 h

Contributed: Oxy-enriched Air Gasification of Wet Biomass

Anmol Garg & Sandeep Kumar, Thapar University, Patiala

Contributed: Pyrolysis of Coir Pith: Analysis of Bio-oil Yield and Thermokinetic Parameters

Vaibhav Dhyani, Jitendra Kumar, Bijoy Biswas and Thallada Bhaskar, CSIR-IIP, Dehradun

12.50-13.00 h

Contributed: Sustainable Solid Waste Management through Solar Assisted Gasification

Ankur Kaundal, Satavasheel Powar & Atul Dhar, IIT Mandi

Contributed: Combustion Characteristics of Municipal Sewage Sludge with Cotton Stalk in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed under Air and Oxygen-Enriched Conditions

Rajesh Kumar & Ravi Inder Singh, BITS, Pilani

13.00-14.00 h



Poster Session-2 Continued

14.00-15.30 h

Panel Discussion

Valedictory Session

Paper/ Poster Awards Ceremony and Closure

15.30-16.00 h

Closure Tea/ Coffee



* SEEC Scientific Program


* Poster Presentation Schedule