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ISEES Young Scientists, 2022

Dr. Pritam Kumar Dikshit

Dr. Pritam Kumar Dikshit is an Assistant Professor in Department of Biotechnology, K L Deemed to be University, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. He served as Research Associate for one year at Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi, India. Dr. Pritam Kumar Dikshit has received ‘Brain Korea 21 Plus Fellowship’ of Chungbuk National University, Republic of Korea. He was conferred ‘Innovation in Polymeric Material’ award from Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Govt. of India. He has published 22 refereed journal papers, 4 book chapters and 10 refereed conference papers.


Dr. Achu Chandran
Dr. Achu Chandran, is Scientist at CSIR-NIIST Thiruvananthapuram. He was conferred CSIR Young Scientist Award 2021 and Early Career Research Award 2019 by DST-SERB. He has been also awarded with DAAD fellowship (GSSP-2015) at TU Darmstadt, Germany. He has excellent scientific contributions in the areas of Green-Mechanical Energy Harvesters & Sensors, Printed Electronic Materials and Wearable Devices. He has authored 26 refereed journal papers, 6 refereed conference papers and 1 book chapter.


Dr. Paramvir Singh
Dr. Paramvir Singh is a visiting research fellow at The University of Sheffield. He was a Post Doctoral Fellow in Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. He has made outstanding scientific contributions in the areas of Fuel and Combustion. He was conferred Shastri Research Student Fellowship award from Shastri Indo Canadian Institute. He has authored 30 refereed journal papers, 11 refereed conference papers and 5 book chapters


Dr. Hemant Bherwani

Dr. Hemant Bherwani is a Scientist in Cleaner Technology and Modelling Division (CTMD) at CSIR-NEERI Nagpur. He has excellent scientific contributions in the areas of Environment and Energy Systems Engineering, Environmental Systems Modelling and Environmental Economics. He is a recipient of Outstanding Junior Scientist Award of CSIR-NEERI at 62nd foundation day. He has authored 28 refereed journal papers, 12 refereed conference papers and 5 book chapters.


ISEES Young Scientists, 2021

Dr. Arup Jyoti Borah

Dr. Arup Jyoti Borah is a former former assistant professor at NIT Arunachal Pradesh. He has completed his Ph.D from IIT Guwahati. His areas of interest include Waste to energy, bio-polymer , invasive plants , circular bio-economy, agriculture, solid waste and Carbon to Climate studies, GIS. He has worked in areas like  (1) Comparative insight of ultrasound enhanced thermo-chemical and bio-chemical routes for synthesis of advance biofuel and platform chemical. (2) Biomaterial based eco-innovations and products (3) Correlate the plant physilogical studies with genome content (4) Biodegradation, enzymatic desulphurization.


Dr. Nithin K. S

Dr. Nithin K. S is an assistant professor in department of chemistry at National Institute of Engineering, Mysore. His areas of research include advanced materials of techno-commercial significance, which embrace search for nanostructured materials for effluent treatment, polymer based composite materials for solar energy conversion and storage, mechanically flexible spectral manipulators for UV protection and sensing, electro-active smart materials for pressure sensing, green polymer composites for fruit and vegetable packaging, He has more than 110 publications to my credit, which cover 50 plus research articles in reputed International journals. He has filed 2 Indian and 1 US patent, authored 09 book chapters, 2 books, 4 editorials and 1 monograph. 

ISEES Young Scientists, 2020

Dr. Pawar Samadhan Anand

Dr. Samadhan Pawar is pursuing his post-doctoral fellowship at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras. His research interest focuses on understanding the phenomenon of the onset of thermoacoustic instability, usually observed in propulsion and power generation systems. He has published 16 journal papers, filed one patent, and attended 17 national and international conferences and workshops. He was awarded the 'Institute Research Award' by IIT Madras for conducting outstanding research during his Ph.D.


Dr. Shankar Chakma

Dr. Sankar Chakma is presently working as Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He completed M.Tech. and Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Engineering in 2011 and 2015, respectively from IIT Guwahati. His research interest includes mechanistic investigation of sono-hybrid physical, chemical and biological processes for sustainable energy and environmental applications. His research work has shaded light on the intricacies of the ultrasonic processes and have helped to identify the relative contributions of different parameters in the process to the overall outcome of the process in terms of either kinetics or yield.


Dr. Swatantra Pratap Singh

Dr. Swatantra Pratap Singh is an environmental engineer with experience in membrane fabrication, environmental nanotechnology, fate and transport of pollutants and emerging contaminants in the environment. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor in Environmental science and Engineering department at IIT Bombay. He has developed a key technology to fabricate the membranes for water purification and print graphene in-situ in a single step. He has four US patents (two granted and two provisional) on membrane and laser based graphene fabrication techniques. He has 19 journal articles (18 research articles and 1 review) in high impact journals such as ACS Nano, Materials Today, Applied Materials and Interface, Carbon, etc.

ISEES Young Scientists, 2019

Dr. Akhilendra Pratap Singh

Dr. Akhilendra Pratap Singh is a Post-Doctoral fellow at Engine Research Centre, University of Wisconsin-Madicson, USA. He has made valuable contributions in the field of Advanced Low Temperature Combustion, Optical Diagnostics with special reference to Engine Endoscopy and PIV, Combustion Diagnostics, Engine Emission Measurement, Particulates Characterization and their Control and Alternative Fuels. He has 26 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 10 conference papers and contribution to 17 book chapters. He was awarded the prestigious "Senior Research Associate Fellowship" by CSIR, New Delhi.


Dr. Souvick Chatterjee

Dr. Souvick Chatterjee is an Educational Technical Evangelist at MathWorks, Bangalore. He has specialized in Liquid Transport in Physical System, Thermal Fluids and Integrated Research with focus on end-to-end product development. He has 2 patents, 14 peer-reviewed journal papers, 16 conference publications and 2 book chapters. He has been awarded Pratt Fellowship (Virginia tech), Graduate Student Association Travel Award and Faydor Litvin Graduate Award (University of Illinois, Chicago). His entrepreneurial drive also led him to be selected as one of the 2017 Think Chicago fellow.


Dr. Nikhil Sharma

Dr. Nikhil Sharma is a Post Doctoral Researcher at Division of Combustion and Propulsion System, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. His research areas include the Droplets Size and Velocity studies inside the Optical Engine using PDI, contributed in alternative fuels and reduction in emissions. He has been awarded Postdoctoral fellowship by Swedish Energy Agency and Senior Research Associate fellowship by CSIR. He has 7 refereed journal papers (SCI Indexed), 3 conference publications (Scopus indexed) and 10 book chapters.


Dr. Pooja Devi

Dr. Pooja Devi is a Scientist at CSIR, Chandigarh and Assistant Professor at ASIR, New Delhi. Her field of specialization is Material Science, Sensors and Energy Harvesting. She is a member of Material Research Society of India, Electrochemical Society of India and Indian Science Congress Association. She has been awarded BRICS Young Scientist fellow award, DST, New Delhi. She is also a recipient of Young Scientist Project under "Scheme for Young Scientist and Technologist". She has published 39 peer-reviewed journal paper, 51 conference paper and 2 books.

ISEES Young Scientists, 2018

Dr. Sunita Varjani

Dr. Sunita J. Varjani is a Scientific Officer in Gujarat Pollution Control Board. Dr. Varjani has worked on exploration and exploitation of indigenous hydrocarbon utilizing/ degrading and bio-surfactant producing bacterial isolates for applications in bioremediation of petroleum based hydrocarbon pollutants and microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR), which are considered as the burning issues. She has authored 25 peer reviewed journal papers, and 14 book chapters, and has edited 5 books. She received Fellow Award-2012 from Society for Applied Biotechnology.


Dr. Pravesh Chandra Shukla

Dr. Pravesh Chandra Shukla is a Post Doctoral Fellow at Lund University, Sweden. He has developed low-cost mixed oxide based Diesel Oxidation Catalysts to reduce gaseous and particulate emissions from diesel engine exhaust. He also conducted research on assessment of toxic potential of primary and secondary particulates/ aerosols from biodiesel, alcohol blends utilisation in heavy-duty engines and spray characterization of biodiesels. He has authored 22 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers, and two book chapters.


Dr. Murali Banavoth

Dr. Murali Banavoth is and Assistant Professor in School of Chemistry at University of Hyderabad. Dr. Banavoth’s research focuses on finding solutions for various energy and environmental problems using engineering and improving the performance of solar absorbers by application of nano-technology. He has authored 44 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers, and one book chapter. He is a recipient of BRICS Young Scientist Award-2017.

ISEES Young Scientists, 2017

Dr. Ankur Gupta

Dr. Ankur Gupta is Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Dr. Gupta has made valuable contributions in the areas of waste water treatment through nanotechnology, micro-sensor design and development, micro-fluidics, biological detection, etc. He has published over 20 peer reviewed scientific papers and two book chapters..


Dr. Sathesh Mariappan

Dr. Sathesh Mariappan, Assistant Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Dr. Sathesh Mariappan has made valuable theoretical and experimental contributions in the areas of combustion driven oscillations, i.e. combustion instability in gas turbine engines, and dynamic stall & laminar-to-turbulent transitions in rotorcrafts. He has published over 10 peer reviewed scientific journal/ conference papers and one book chapter.



Dr. Pallab Sinha Mahapatra

Dr. Pallab Sinha Mahapatra is Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Applied Mechanics, Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Dr. Mahapatra has worked on developing energy efficient strategies to enhance the heat transfer rate during natural/ mixed convection systems, jet impingement cooling, drop-wise condensation etc. He developed a computational model and a multiphase code to simulate severe accident scenario in the nuclear reactors. He has published over 50 peer reviewed scientific journal/ conference papers and one book chapter.



Dr. Sirshendu Mondal

Dr. Sirshendu Mondal, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Dr. Mondal has designed and developed a laboratory-scale experimental setup for extending his work on dynamic characterization of pulse combustors. He developed tools for dynamic characterization based on observed time series data, which included using several state-of-the-art techniques. He also worked on emerging tools of non-linear dynamics like non-linear forecasting, tests of determinism like translation error and chaos. He has published over 10 peer reviewed scientific journal/ conference papers and one book chapter.



Sh. Mritunjay Kumar Shukla

Sh. Mritunjay Kumar Shukla is Scientist-C, CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun, India. Mr. Shukla has carried out engine studies using various biofuels for developing efficient and eco-friendly engines. He developed low-cost catalysts for direct decomposition of NO and fuel-borne catalysts to provide a cost effective solution for engine exhaust emission control. He has published over 25 peer reviewed scientific journal/ conference papers and two book chapters.

ISEES Young Scientists, 2016

Dr. Atul Dhar

Prof. Atul Dhar is an Assistant Professor in School of Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi. Dr. Dhar has made valuable contributions in the areas of alternative fuels, engine emission control, engine management, combustion diagnostics, particulate characterization, long-term engine wear and durability investigations and lubricating oil tribology. He has published over 30 peer reviewed scientific papers and a book chapter. He was awarded prestigious Erasmus Mundus Post Doctoral fellowship to work at Ecole Centrale De Nantes, Nantes, France.


Dr. Rakesh Kumar Maurya

Prof. Rakesh Kumar Maurya is an Assistant Professor in School of Mechanical Materials and Energy Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar. Dr. Maurya has made valuable contributions in the areas of HCCI and low temperature combustion, alternative fuels, engine emission control, engine instrumentation and combustion diagnostics, and particulate characterization. He has published over 20 scientific journal paper and 10 international conference papers. He worked as a Pool Scientist of CSIR at Engine Research Laboratory of IIT Kanpur.


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