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International Society for Energy, Environment and Sustainability


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"The aim of the society is to contribute to the development of clean, affordable and secure energy resources and a sustainable environment for the human society"


The International Society for Energy, Environment and Sustainability was founded at IIT Kanpur in January, 2014 with an aim to spread knowledge in the fields of Energy, Environment, Sustainability and Combustion.

In this changing environmental scenario, the time has come where more emphasis has to be laid on renewable energy resources. Moreover, in this dynamic scenario of swelling competition and reducing profits, staying environmentally responsible can be extremely challenging for any organization. More efficient systems have to be developed to meet the increasing energy demands keeping in mind its environmental impact. People have to become more aware and concerned about the environmental challenges which the world is facing today to make it a better place for us and our future generations.

The Society aims to spread knowledge in the above mentioned areas among people and make them more aware about the environmental challenges which the world is facing today. The Society is involved in various activities like conducting workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. in the above mentioned domains. The society also recognizes young scientists and engineers for their contributions in this field. It comprises of experts from leading research institutions working in various domains related to energy.

Upcoming Events and News

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2016 International Society for Energy, Environment and Sustainability

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