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Advances in Engine Tribology
Greener and Scalable E-fuels for Decarbonizing of Transport
New Trends in Emerging Environmental Contaminants
Advanced Combustion for Sustainable Transport
Engines and Fuels for Future Transport
Engine Modelling and Simulation
Polymer-Based Advanced Functional Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications
Handbook of Thermal Management of Engines
Potential and Challenges of Low Carbon Fuels for Sustainable Transport
Clean Fuels for Mobility
Application of Clean Fuels in Combustion Engines
Gasoline Compression Ignition Technology: Future Prospects
Zero Waste Biorefinery
Metal Nanocomposites for Energy and Environmental Applications

Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites for Environmental Remediation

Advances in Carbon Capture and Utilization

Pollution Control Technologies

Novel Internal Combustion Engine Technologies for Performance Improvement and Emission Reduction

Alternative Fuels and Advanced Combustion Techniques as Sustainable Solutions for Internal Combustion Engines

Methanol: A Sustainable Transport Fuel for SI Engines

Methanol: A Sustainable Transport Fuel for CI Engines

Alcohol as an Alternative Fuel for Internal Combustion Engines

New Research Directions in Solar Energy Technologies

Bioremediation using weeds


Nano-Energetic Materials


Energy Sustainability in Built and Urban Environments


Two-Phase Flow for Automotive and Power Generation Sectors


Methanol and the Alternate Fuel Economy


Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Advances in Solar Energy Research


CO2 Separation, Purification and Conversion to Chemicals and Fuels


Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies


Green Bio-processes


Natural Gas Engines


Sensors for Automotive and Aerospace Applications


Engine Exhaust Particulates


Advanced Engine Diagnostics


Pollutants from Energy Sources


Environmental Contaminants


Air Pollution and Control


Coal and Biomass Gasification


Droplets and Sprays


Advances in Internal Combustion Engine Research


Modeling and Simulations of Turbulent Combustion


Prospects of Alternative Transportation Fuels


Environmental, Chemical and Medical Sensors


Applications of Solar Energy


Bioremediation: Applications for Environmental Protection and Management


Applications Paradigms of Droplet and Spray Transport: Paradigms and Applications


Waste to Wealth


Water Remediation


Biosynthetic Technology and Environmental Challenges


Sustainable Energy and Transportation


Waste Bioremediation


Combustion Science and Technology: Recent Advances


Novel Combustion Concepts for Sustainable Energy Development


Energy, Combustion and Propulsion: New Perspectives


Combustion for Power Generation and Transportation


Locomotives and Rail Road Transportation




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