VI  International Conference


 Sustainable Energy and Environmental Challenges (VI SEEC)

December 27-29, 2021 (Hybrid Mode)


Organized by

International Society for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (ISEES)




Call for Papers


Technical Program






Conference Themes

·        Theme 1: Plastics and Polymers

·        Theme 2: Future of IC Engine and Technology Roadmap

·        Theme 3: Fuels for Sustainable Transport

·        Theme 4: Combustion: Emerging Paradigm

·        Theme 5: Engine Spray and Combustion: Modelling and Simulation

·        Theme 6: Coal Biomass Combustion for Power generation

·        Theme 7: Sustainable Energy from Carbon Neutral Sources

·        Theme 8: Environmentally Sustainable Technology Landscape

·        Theme 9: Water and MSW Remediation for Environmental Preservation

·        Theme 10: Biological Waste Treatment

·        Theme 11: Bioenergy/Biofuels

·        Theme 12: Microbial Processes and Products

·        Theme 13: Thermochemical Processes for Biomass

Guidelines to Authors

· The official language of the event is English.

· Limited number of contributed Oral Presentations will be selected and the presenters have already been informed of the decision in this regard.

· Your allocated time is 4 minutes, which includes 3 minutes of presentation and 1 minutes of Q&A.

· Please keep your presentation limited to 4-5 slides and do not spend too much time on introduction. Literature review should be avoided.

· You can check the conference website for the schedule and session of your oral presentation.

· Top contributed oral presentation in each theme will be selected by the technical review committee for Awards in the valedictory session of the conference. Judge’s decision will be final in this regard.




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