VIII  International Conference


 Sustainable Energy and Environmental Challenges (VIII SEEC)

December 04-06, 2023


Organized by

Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur

Under the auspices of

International Society for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (ISEES)




Call for Papers


Technical Program







Conference Topics

Track A

Energy and Transportation

Track B

Environment and Sustainability

Track C

Biotechnology and Biosciences  

  • Advanced Energy Systems

  • Alternative Transportation Fuels

  • Combustion and Flames

  • Atomization and Sprays

  •  Modelling and Simulation

  • Exhaust Emissions and its Control

  • Coal & Biomass Combustion/Gasification and so on...

  • Air Pollution Monitoring and Control

  • Desalination and Wastewater Treatment

  • Emerging Contaminants in the Environment

  • Solid Waste Management

  • Renewable Energy Technologies

  • Cleaner Technologies for Pollution Mitigation and so on...

  • Biological Processes and Environmental Applications

  • Microbiology

  • Biomass and Biotechnology

  • Waste to Wealth

  • Biotechnological and Other Environmental Applications and so on...

Volunteer: Rahul Kumar Singh

(+91 7088343489

Volunteer: Shanti Mehra

(+91 6395223501

Volunteer: Saurabh Singh Chauhan

(+91 7905020037

Guidelines to Authors

You can submit your work in one page abstract.


Guidelines for Oral Presentation

(1) The official language of the event is English.

(2) Limited number of Contributed Oral Presentations will be selected and the presenters will be informed about the decision in this regard.

(3) Your allocated time is 10 minutes, which includes 7 minutes of presentation and 3 minutes of Q&A.

(4) Please keep your presentation limited to 8 slides and do not spend too much time on introduction. Literature review should be avoided.

(5) Presentation soft copy should be made available to the organizers by 1st December 2023 (email: Please put “Presentation and abstract ID” in the subject line.

(6) Uploading the presentation before 9 am on the day of presentation in the conference laptop will be the responsibility of the presenter/s.

(7) You can check the conference website for the schedule and session of your oral presentation.

(8) Top three contributed oral presentation in each track (3 tracks; each having 18-20 presentations) will be selected by the technical review committee for Awards in the valedictory session of the conference. Judge’s decision will be final in this regard.


Previous Year Best Oral Presentation and Poster Presentation Awardees





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