VII  International Conference


 Sustainable Energy and Environmental Challenges (VII SEEC)

December 16-18, 2022


Organized by

Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, India

Under the auspices of

International Society for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (ISEES)




Call for Papers


Technical Program







For Invited Speakers

Accommodation of all the invited speakers will be arranged in the institute guest house (Gandhi Technology Alumni Centre (GTAC)). All invited speakers are requested to fill out the Google form (Click Here) for the accommodation at IIT BHU. This information will be helpful for the accommodation and for pickup and drop arrangements.

In case of any query, please write to us


For Participants

DG 2

Participants have to arrange their accommodation during the conference. Accommodation to a limited number of participants will be provided in IIT BHU hostels. Therefore, it is recommended to all the participants to contact to VII SEEC accommodation committee for getting a confirmed hostel accommodation. In the hostel accommodation, we will provide you bedding.

Accommodation of all Ladies participants will be arranged in the Rabindranath Tagore Apartment, (GRTA) IIT BHU.

Accommodation of all Gents participant will be arranged in the Dhanrajgiri-2 Hostel, (DG 2) IIT BHU.





For the hostel accommodation, please fill out this Google form.

Please click here to fill out the Google form.


In case of any query related to the accommodation, please contact to Mr. Ankur Tripathi (Email:, Mobile No.: +91 9260952208) or Mr. Rajneesh (Mobile No.: +91 8423007069).



For a list of near by hotels, please click here.






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